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Quick and easy way to create new accent décor pieces for your home.
Place a bouquet of dry flowers of tree branches into the vase. Put a small glass or ceramic bottle inside the vase to hold fresh flowers.

The vase templates are designed to be printed on A4 or Letter-size paper.

You can download these three paper designs and three vases templates, the link is at the end of the tutorial. 

Tools and materials:
- plain or color cardstock
- paper trimmer (optional) or scissors
- tape glue or paper glue of your choice
- ruler
- score tool (optional) or an awl


1. Print

To achieve the actual 1:1 size print of the template using your printer, make sure to select either 100% size/scale, Actual size or print by DPI in the print settings; do not use any custom or Fit-to-page like scaling settings. Each pattern template contains a scale mark to verify that the printed template has the correct print size. Set printing properties to Photo Printing. Print on 100 -120 lb cardstock (271 -325 gsm).
Print the paper design first, then flip the printed pages and print the vase template on the other side of the pages.
You can use your own scrapbook paper and cardstock, in this case simply print the vase templates on the wrong side of the paper.



2. Cut the vase shapes out.
Use a paper trimmer or scissors.



3. Score along the lines.
I use a score tool or an awl depends on paper I'm working with.


4. Fold the shapes along the lines.


5. Glue the shapes flap by flap using your favorite paper glue. A tape glue worked perfectly in my case.



Your vases are ready!

Download template link.

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